12,000 Hot Stock Tractor Rules

  1. Weight - The class will be 12,000 lbs. plus the 1% allowance.
  2. Speed - The speed limit will be 14 mph.
  3. Turbo - Will be 3LM or $300 to be checked with a 2.39 plug.
  4. Drawbar - Will be 20 inches maximum height.
  5. Tires - Will be 20.8.38 max. - No cuts of any kind allowed. No dual wheels.
  6. No four wheel drive.
  7. Must run cast center wheels unless it came from the factory otherwise.
  8. Must have wheelie bars.
  9. Pipe - Has to be straight up, 18 inches (minimum) above the hood.
  10. Has to have an OEM factory chassis and wheelbase and front weight bracket in factory position.
  11. Must have a steel flywheel or blanket or steel shield (6 in wide, quarter inch thick).
  12. Cubic inches - 478 cubic inch unless 5010, 5020, 6030 can have 531 cubic inches, Case can have 504 cubic inches, and V8 Masseys are allowed.
  13. No aftermarket intercoolers.
  14. No Nitrous.
  15. $1,000 purse to be paid back 8 spots, same as the other Dragon classes.

Water injection was discussed but decided to leave up to each individual to do what they wanted with that.

For the first year if the majority of class wants to discuss an issue they can meet during the year to discuss/correct that issue.